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Benvenuti nel sito del cannolificio Mongibello

Founded more than two decades ago on the same slops of Mount Etna from which our company takes its suggestive and antique name, the Cannolificio Mongibello quickly gained a leading position on the confectionery market with the production of wafers for cannoli . These wafers are the primary ingredient for making one of the most exquisite sicilian specialities and have been integrated into production with other sweetmeat and pastry products, such as biscuits , bign� and biscuits for breakfast .

The quality of products is the result of some of the most ancient recipes handed down by Sicilian cultural traditions combined with careful selection of genuine ingredients. This has permitted our company to quickly gain a leading position on both the Italian and overseas markets and receive widespread acclaim and appreciation for the excellence and authenticity of its products.

Our catalogue

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New special packet for cannoli

Cannolificio Mongibello presents a new elegant packaging for cannoli, with delicious recipes on the back of the packet, designed for our foreign clients and small shop of handycrafts.

Click to see our suggested recipes for sicilian cannoli printed on the back of the new packet.

New special packet for cannoli

Sicilian cannoli, delicious! But, how can I prepare them?

Easy! Just turn over the new packet and you'll find many simple and delightful recipes to suit all tastes!

New special packet for cannoli

New special packet for cannoli